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  • Papers should be submitted to an individual journal for consideration by that journal's staff. All papers must be submitted through our online Paper Submission System, in which the paper status can easily be tracked. A new user should create a new username and password to submit. All figures and tables should be combined with the text as a single MS Word or PDF for submission.
  • To find whether an ASP journal is the best for your paper, go to the website of the journals list, choose the specific journal and click the "Aims and Scope" button to display the scope of the journal.
  • You are encouraged to format your manuscript according to our standard template. It’s also fine if you would like to prepare your manuscript as required by the Manuscript Guideline. You can find basic instructions under Authors Guidelines, Manuscript Preparation. Papers should be submitted through our Paper Submission System in MS Word or PDF version.
  • We accept papers in MS Word or PDF format when you submit your paper to our Paper Submission System. After acceptance of your paper by an ASP journal, you can send your revised paper in MS Word or LaTex via e-mail to us.
  • The quality of the papers are much more important than the quantity of the papers. For the benefit of both peer-reviewers and readers, papers should be as concise as possible.
  • You should make every effort to recommend reviewers for your paper. This will improve the review process and publication possibility of your paper. However, if you have no candidate, we will find good reviewers for you.
  • Definitely. There are no restrictions on the type of papers that may be published with ASP.
  • You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail as soon as your paper has been uploaded successfully. Your paper will then be checked and forwarded to the editors who will start the preliminary review. If there are any problems with your uploaded manuscript you will be contacted by the editors.
  • An author declaration form should be signed by all authors and then please send it to the Journal Editorial Assistant via e-mail.
  • Yes, a Cover Letter is required. It can be submitted via the Paper Submission System together with the manuscript, or sent to the Editorial Assistant separately via e-mail. The cover letter should be a headed letter from the Corresponding Author's institution providing the following information:

      background information about the author(s) and their organization(s): including links to personal webpages or a well maintained Author ID (e.g. ORCID),


      background information about the reviewers and their organizations: including links to personal webpages or a well maintained Author ID and an e-mail address for each reviewer,


      background information about the topic covered in the manuscript.

  • To find the status of any of your (re)submitted manuscripts, log into your account and click on the “Dashboard” link, from there you can see the details of your (re)submission or contact the Editorial Assistant regarding the (re)submission as well, if you should have any concerns.
  • We gracefully accept all kinds of work to get published in our Journals which include Research article, Review article, Short Communication, Case Report, Mini-Review, Commentary, Opinion, Proceedings, Letters, Special Issues, E-books, etc.

Article Processing Charges

  • Yes. All ASP journals are made freely available online, we guarantee that no university library or individual reader will ever have to buy a subscription or buy access through pay-per-view fees to access the papers published in ASP journals.

    In order to cover the costs of providing and maintaining a publication infrastructure, managing the journals, and processing the papers through peer-review and the editorial procedure, the journal charges a publication fee which is normally covered by the author's institution or research funds. The publication fee is required to be paid upon acceptance of an article for publication. ASP grants discounts on publication fees for authors of Lower income countries or Lower middle income countries.

  • You can make an APG payment via Paypal, Bank Transfer, credit card or Western Union. Detailed payment instructions can be found on the submission system. You can also ask the editorial assistant for any further questions.


      If you make the Wired Transfer payment, please make sure that your Paper ID (mentioned in the e-mail) is filled in the "attached statement", otherwise we cannot tell who has remitted the money. After the Wired Transfer payment, your local bank will return a receipt to you after the remittance.

      If you make the Online Payment, please keep your order number or the screen capturing of payment if it is possible.

  • Please send your payment voucher via e-mail to the Editorial Assistant after your payment. The Editorial Assistant shall email you a confirmation letter after receiving the payment.

Peer-review process


  • We will publish your paper as soon as possible,once the manuscript is accepted for peer review process American Science Publishing make decisions very quickly. All manuscripts are handled electronically throughout the Review process. Authors are usually informed within a week about the acceptance or rejection of their article and if accepted it gets published in 2 days of acceptance.


  • No, none of ASP's journals have presently a JCR®JIF.

  • Yes, ASP journals have their citations tracked with Google Scholar. You can find the latest analysis of citations on Google Scholar for all ASP journals on their journal web page.

  • Yes, our journals are indexed by many databases. “Indexed” means here simply “included in the database”. The index contains the metadata of ASP’s articles. Most important metadata are authors, title, abstract, year of publication, and the link to the full paper at ASP. Each journal maintains its own list of databases where it is indexed. Please look under “Indexing” on each ASP journal homepage.

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